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you have arrived at the website of seho bek !!!!!

it is okay if this is always changing. and not too fancy.

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- here's my blog! (and its rss feed!)

currently performing: vida sin celular (life without a phone)

wifi-telegraph - found documentation of a wireless communication device

libre-itp - possible tools for a free (libre) program like itp

about me

i appreciate people in general - human and non-human, living and not. i like computers in general - human and non-human, living and not.

i'm currently interested in daoism and anarchism and zen buddhism and different language(s) and the way they challenge my western/colonized ways of understanding reality. i'm learning how to live a goal-less life...

i'm the web-admin of and i designed and mantain the sites of rata panchis, pepep├ępepe and lengua partida, besides this site itself. my "web-mood" right now is html and css only.

i use parabola gnu/linux-libre and i advocate for the use of free (libre) software.

i'm not a beginner using/understanding spanish or english. i'm a beginner using/understanding french, german, and esperanto. and i'm basically a newborn child using/understanding korean and mandarin.


instant messaging: xmpp with omemo:

(you can use the following clients: zom (android, ios), gajim (gnu/linux, windows), conversations (android), chatsecure (ios), monal (osx))

you won't find me in proprietary (anti?)social networks :(: